Welcome to Our Solar Page

As of August 2002, we have been generating polution free photovoltaic electricity. We have changed the way PG&E charges us, so that we will actually sell them electricity! Monday through Fridays (except holidays), we will sell them peak (meaning noon to 6 p.m.) electricity (when the sun is shining) at 32 cents a kilowatt hour (KwH), and off peak we will still sell them electricity for 8 cents a KwH! (This is for the period between April through October). Incredible. At night, or whenever it is not sunny, we will be buying electricity, at those rates and times. We will be conserving electricity between noon and 6 p.m!!! Before solar, we paid around $750.00/year for electricity. We now pay ZERO! (OK, technically we pay about $5.50/month to be hooked up to the "grid"). As electricity costs rise, our payback will be less than 17 years (where it is projected now). A huge debt of gratitude goes to Michael Mora of Solectric.
If you wish to see the entire installation process click here. Again, a WARNING, there are 15 or so pictures and may take a while to download, if you are on a modem connection. If you are interested in some more alternatives, check out my friend Paul Potyen's solar-powered strawbale house. Click - -> Paul's house

Thanks for checking it out!